Diocese of Central Newfoundland


Bishop David

As you enter into your retirement your Cursillista Family

send the following thoughts

David, you are a man after God’s own heart!

Bishop David you were a great Bishop

and now you are going on your retirement .

I wish you well on your retirement,and enjoy you deserve it.  

I am grateful for Bishop David's humility, humour, and amazing ability to teach

Bishop David has become a great and loving friend in our lives and  we have been truly blessed Thank you Bishop David for your Inspiration, leadership, love  and prayers.  God bless you,  Karen and your dear family.




Bishop David has been both inspiring and instrumental in my Christian walk thus far, and I am truly glad God placed him in my path.

Bishop David you have been such a great example to me of God’s goodness and grace!

Bishop David - You have been an inspiration to me by blessing my life over and over

Bishop David we love you because you love to laugh and share God’s joy which we must say is quite an art!  God bless you!

Many thanks Bishop David for your years of service in this Diocese and for all your support in my ministry. I have appreciated your humility and your sincerity.  
Blessings on your future!

Bishop David - I would like to wish you all the best on your retirement and thank you for the support and advise you gave when needed. God bless! We LOVE you and wish you every Happiness!

David I love you because you look past my faults and see my strengths, that you both encourage and defend.  Thank you, my  dearest friend!