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Christmas 2003

Edition Number 79

November Ultreya, Nov. 15, 2003

At Bonavista, Parish of Bonavista


The morning began as Cursillistas greeted one another, while some enjoyed a cup of tea/coffee, after a long drive to the Parish Center.

The church service began at 11:00 am. As people gathered, Gord Hiscock, Hedley Butler and Ron Pearce led everyone in some singing.  Rev. Rice welcomed everyone to the Eucharist service, Sheri Durdle sang a solo, "Four Days Late". In Rev. Rice's sermon, he spoke on how we should stay focused and sometimes we stray, but the most important thing is we get back on track.

During the Eucharist, Ruby Ayles and Annie Flemming sang, "Search Me O God" (Cleanse Me) and Gord Hiscock sang a solo, "The Altar".

After the service, a delicious lunch was served by the members of the Bonavista Cursillo Group in the Parish Center. Following lunch it was time for sharing. Ruby Lockhart chaired the group meeting, breaking into small groups everyone shared in Piety, Study and Action.

The musical selection "All For Jesus" was sung before Sheri gave her witness talk. She spoke on how Jesus is working in her life and how TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) had an effect on her while she was in her teens. She also spoke on how she stood up for her faith in her workplace. Sheri continues working for Jesus by being involved with Children's Time, adult server, sharing in song and involved with the Youth group.

The responses to Sheri's witness talk showed many were inspired by her, especially how she stands up for her faith. The evening concluded with the musical selection, "We Have Decided to Follow Jesus" and Rev. Vernon Reid responded to Sheri's talk with a couple of scripture verses and a closing prayer. Some people took a little lunch for their long drive home. The day was a blessing to all.

God Bless and De Colores

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